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Moonspell Live in Mexico City, Mexico, 1999

 Venue: Salon 21: Mexico City, Mexico
 Date: November 6, 1999
 Time: 72:56
 Size: 66.9 Mb

 Sound: B, AUD, 128 kB
 Notes: Crackling from time to time... Comments by a great trader Alex: "This was a concert with 2 bands in the bill In Flames as opening act and Moonspell as main attraction an in fact that was a big mistake In flames had the worst day in their career since everybody boo them and ask for Moonspell, because they are a cult band in Mexico, this was so clear that Fernando at the end of Tired said "We apologize with the support band, it was hard to play before us, hope no hard feelings", anyway the concert of Moonspell was amazing in all the aspects and as a bonus they played "Vampiria" just for Mexico since (it was not part of the setlist); The sound was ripped from a video and has some minor mistakes in some songs, where the sound goes away from one speaker for couple seconds". Although I have mp3 version of this boot i'm sure the source is the same.

 Disc 1: 1. The Butterfly FX
2. Opium
3. ...Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride)
4. Lustmord
5. Ruin and misery
6. Angelizer
7. Alma Mater
8. I Am The Eternal Spectator
9. Solitary vice
10. Eurotica
11. Wolfshade
12. Mephisto
13. Tired
14. 2econd skin
15. Full Moon Madness
16. Vampiria

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