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Moonspell - Live in Lisbon, Portugal, 2003

 Venue: 'FNAC', Chiado: Lisbon, Portugal
 Date: October 31, 2003
 Time: 53:04
 Size: 72.9 Mb

 Sound: AUD, B, 192 kb
 Notes: What a setlist!! Almost all songs from new album played! The recording leaves much to be desired. Quite a low one and has hissing?! Was it taped with a taperecorder? Why didn't people do anything to their recordings, i.e. remaster them? The first track is the Portuguese writer Jose Luis Peixoto narrating with the band playing on the back of it. Quite boring for those of us who doesn't speak Portuguese! All-in-all very nice item to add to yer moonspell collection!

 Disc 1: 1. Jose Luis Peixoto Reading
2. In and Above Men
3. From Lowering Skies
4. Everything Invaded
5. The Southern Deathstyle
6. A Walk On The Darkside
7. Capricorn at Her Feet
8. Antidote