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Moospell Live in Vieira do Minho, Portugal 2002

 Venue: Festival Ilha do Ermal, Vieira do Minho, Portugal
 Date: August 18, 2002
 Time: 84:24
 Size: 116 Mb

 Sound: AUD B+, 192 kB
 Notes: Good recording...New song "Southern Deathstyle" performed. In "senhores da guerra" Fernando made a mistake in lyrics (or something else happened) and went off the stage, so when he went back on-stage Moonspell played the whole song again..Another highlitght of the show is... the outro! The band performed a strange blackish blast-beatish peace of music...no one seemed to understand what was it...

 Disc 1: 1. Than the Serpents in My Hands
2. DevilRed
3. Opium
4. Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)
5. Abysmo
6. Butterfly FX
7. Angelizer
8. Southern Deathstyle
9. Magdalene
10. Nocturna
11. Mephisto
12. Firewalking
13. Darkness and Hope
14. Senhores da Guerra (wrong version)
15. Senhores da Guerra
16. Full Moon Madness
17. Alma Mater
18. Outro