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Metallica - Live in Cologne, Germany, 2003

 Venue: Cologne Arena: Cologne, Germany
 Date: December 16, 2003
 Time: 72:42/67:23
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: B+/A-, MD, copy from master
 Notes: Information on equipment: Mic Sony ECM 717 + Sharp MD-DR470H (mic-in, rec.-level xx/30, LP2 stereo, TDK MD-RXG 80 min.)
As for the quality - nice sound for a huge arena. Better recording from others (Dec. 5 and Dec. 6) I got from the taper (Tomi). Holy mother, what a setlist!! 'Fight Fire..' played for the second time in European December 2003 tour and 'Leper Messiah' was played ONLY in Cologne!
Lars' B-DAY!!

 Disc 1: 1. Ecstacy of Gold
2. Fight Fire With Fire
3. Fuel
4. Leper Messiah/Kirk solo
5. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
6. The Thing That Should Not Be
7. Frantic
8. Sad But True
9. Dirty Window/B-Day present for Lars
10. Seek & Destroy
11. Master of Puppets
 Disc 2: 1. Blackened/Band Introduction
Encore I:
2. St. Anger/NEM 'funny' Intro
3. Nothing Else Matters
4. Creeping Death
Encore II:
5. One
6. Enter Sandman
Encore III:
7. Blitzkrieg
8. Breadfan/thanx words of the Band