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"Flatbed Boyz" Metallica Live at Oakland Coliseum Parking Lot (San Francisco) 2003

 Venue: Oakland Coliseum Parking Lot: San Francisco, CA, USA
 Date: January 19, 2003
 Time: 45:41
 Size: 41.8 Mb

 Sound: (B+) 128 kbps
 Notes: An enourmous mosh pit engulfed the taper for a minute of battery, but taper was able to escape to a side about half way through the song.
Bear in mind this was not a normal show, just metallica playing on the back of a flatbed truck with a funky pa system, so did my best on this one!

 Disc 1: 1. Intro 1:20
2. Hells Bells (tape) 5:13
3. Fuel 4:54
4. Master of Puppets 9:24
5. For whom the Bell Tolls 5:00
6. Sad But True 5:54
7. Seek And Destroy 8:05
8. Battery 5:51