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Megadeth - Live in Norfolk, VA, USA, 1990

 Venue: The Boathouse: Norfolk, VA, USA
 Date: December 13, 1990
 Time: 66:16
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B, copy from master
 Notes: Comments from John, who was so kind as to share this with me: "I got this directly from the taper in a mail trade. Testament opened and megadeth headlined at this show. This is the only US show from 1990 that is known to have Skull Beneath The Skin, Devil's Island, Lucretia and Black Friday included in the setlist!!! This setlist kind of resembles a Europe 1990 show more then a US 1990 show due to the fact that they played longer because they were headlining." The quality is sadly not the best with constant tape dropout and some floating sound. Holy Wars misses some seconds due to tape flip at the very end of the song. Black Friday also has a small cut-out closer to the end of the track.

 Disc 1: 1. Intro / Wake Up Dead
2. Hook And Mouth
3. Hangar 18
4. Skull Beneath The Skin
5. The Conjuring
6. In My Darkest Hour
7. Devil's Island
8. Lucretia
9. Take No Prisoners
10. Holy Wars
11. Encore Crowd noise/Good Mourning...Black Friday
12. Peace Sells
13. Band Introduction/Anarchy In Norfolk/Radio Ad For This Show