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Megadeth - Live in Paris, France, 1990

 Venue: Le Zenith: Paris, France
 Date: October 2, 1990
 Time: 73:14
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B/B+
 Notes: 2 gen tape > CDR. Impressive upgrade to the shit I had. This is a rare low-gen source! The sound is not perfect - slightly thin, i'd boost it up a bit, other than that the sound is very clear! Dave's intro speech to 'Holy Wars' lacks a little bit due to (presumable) tapeflip.

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Rattlehead
3. Wake Up Dead
4. Hangar 18
5. Hook in Mouth
6. Skull Beneath The Skin
7. The Conjuring
8. In My Darkest Hour
9. Devil's Island
10. My Last Words
11. Holy Wars
12. Peace Sells...But Who's Buying/Crowd
13. Good Mourning - Black Friday
14. Liar
Encore II:
15. Band Introduction/Anarchy in Paris/Dave