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Megadeth - 1989 [Interview]

 Venue: Unknown
 Date: 1989
 Time: 37:30
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, A
 Notes: I got this amazingly unusual intie dated 1989. I bet it's right. Dave is IN THE HOSPITAL!! talking to some girl for almost 40 mins! He said that 'last friday' he got into car accident and did 'whiplash' so he has to wear a neck bracer, and 'it's Thursday' and Dave says it's hard for him. After asked if dave wants to start the 'whole thing all over again' he says 'i just don;t want to be a part of that scene anymore' but later 'I wnna get back on stage again' and 'i want to explore a vast ocean of female... since i broke up with my fiancee' and it's just the beginning of the conversation... Extremely interesting to listen.

 Disc 1: