... And Bootlegs For All

Live in Miami Beach, FL, USA

 Venue: Miami Beach, FL, USA
 Date: April 1, 1988
 Time: 56:04
 Size: 51.3 Mb

 Sound: (AUD B) 128 kB, tape rip
 Notes: Looks like a typical SFSGSW show. I have two versions of this show - original with some static but the band is heard more clearly and remastered which sounds a bit washy but the static is gone...AND IT'S NOT APRIL 1 JOKE lol

 Disc 1: 1. Set The World Afire
2. Hook In Mouth
3. Wake Up Dead
4. The Conjuring
5. Mary Jane
6. In My Darkest Hour
7. Devils Island
8. These Boots
9. Drum Solo - Peace Sells
10. Anarchy In The Uk