... And Bootlegs For All

Megadeth - Live in Hamburg, Germany, 1987

 Venue: Markthalle: Hamburg, Germany
 Date: March 10, 1987
 Time: 59:15
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: B+/A-, AUD, 2nd gen copy from master
 Notes: VERY RARE TRADES. First show in Germany EVER! I am amazed at the quality of this recording. I have never seen it in any lists before and i get that great quality show. It is great considering it's age! Some hiss is still there, tracks are not perfectly split and Peace Sells lacks about some secs in beginning, but all the rest is great! Thanx Stefan!!

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Wake Up Dead
3. The Conjuring
4. Bad Omen
5. Rattlehead
6. Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good/My Last Words
7. My Last Words (cont.)
8. Peace Sells
9. These Boots
10. Devil's Island
11. The Mechanix/Crowd
12. Last Rites - Loved to Death
Encore II:
13. Good Mourning - Black Friday
14. Black Friday (cont.)