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Megadeth - Live in Denver, CO, USA, 1985

 Venue: The Rainbow: Denver, CO, USA
 Date: July 7, 1985
 Time: 9:34
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: SBD, A-, low-gen tape rip
 Notes: I have never expected to have another SBD recording from 1985, but here it is. And it’s really interesting. Unfortunately it’s 2-tracks only. Oh well. If you check Powerchord Interview, 1986 you will see that this Denver show was rumored for release as the official live show. But it never happened. Anyways, I dunno if the interviewer was referring to this very SBD I have. The first track – LDTC – is instrumental only!! It seems like the mic was not working or the guy who recorded the thing (the soundtech(?)) simply forgot/or it was intended to be like that. Mechanix does have Dave’s vokillz!!
Very cool item to have!
P.S. I have a feeling it might be a recording of a soundcheck!! Cause you can hear before Mechanix the soundguy(?) says to Dave: “Let’s do another song”! That explains no vocals on LDTC! Well, you’ll never know…
Thanx Ron for this great piece of Megadeth!

 Disc 1: 1. Looking Down The Cross
2. Mechanix