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Megadeth - Baltimore, MD, USA, 1985 [Interview]

 Venue: Baltimore, MD, USA
 Date: June 26, 1985
 Time: 5:46
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B-
 Notes: Very interesting interview Dave did for 'Wreckage' Magazine. I got it dated June 28, 1986 but first of all Dave says why he considers Mike Albert better than Chris Poland + saying 'this is ‘Killing for a Living Tour’, so this means it's 100% year of '85. Now about month - i'm almost sure it's June cause Dave talks aboiut new forthcoming album and it's tour so i think the month is right but the band played in Baltimore on June 26, so i guess the correct date is June 26, 1985.
see below a part of the intie, where Dave talks on the forthcoming album..(?) means i am not sure about the spelling but DAMN I DO HEAR 'Conjure me'!! :)

Wreckage: Will any of your older songs be recorded on the new album?
Dave: The new album is gonna feature ‘Black Friday’, ‘Bad Omen’, it’s going to have ‘Next Victim’ which has been retitled ‘My Last Words’, it’s also going to have ‘Burnt Offerings’, it’s going to has ‘Conjure me’(?), ‘Hook in Mouth’. It’s gonna have…one or two which are the new numbers, a new number called ‘Mary Jane Tuiligar’(?) and a new number called ‘Death or Victory’ and other than that right now I’m just blanking on it but there’s some new numbers that we do have going right now.