... And Bootlegs For All

Megadeth - Live in San Pedro, CA, USA, 1984

 Venue: The Waters: San Pedro, CA, USA
 Date: October 24, 1984
 Time: 50:58
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: B+, AUD, low gen copy from master
 Notes: First of all let me say that I have been having this show for couple years now but it was for hardcore fans ONLY - pure sh*t quality if you ask me. One of the worst megaboot I ever heard. But finally I laid my hands on the tape that is very low gen - sounds really better (still it has some tape crackling and may be a touch of hiss although I did remaster it to delete it). But it's more than 20 y.o. recording!
Damn there's so many to type about this show cause Dave is very cool sounding considering it's one of the first (third) surfaced shows of Megadeth. You can almost perfectly hear David's bass playing and Gar's drumming is heard nice as well. It's very likely it was the Gar's first show! Dave is hillarious (especially in commenting his 'bl**job' affair with Nancy Sinatra - no wonder she was against releasing Megaversion of her 'boots') and he invites people to have free beer @ the doors, talks about new songs, acoustics, about people who came to the show from 'fucking' Chicago to see them etc etc. Dave about 'Blood And Honor': "This is going to be the title song of our new album...we have signed to an important record company lately and...this is called 'Blood and Honor'..." Dave: "hey Guys, how about ...saying FUCK MEGAFORCE?"
Updated June 2005: Finally I got the FULL show even with better quality (Skull and Good Mourning still lack some small parts though, but seems like that's the only source of this show out there)!! Thanx Ron!

 Disc 1: 1. Last Rites - Loved To Death
2. The Mechanix
3. Chosen Ones
4. Chosen Ones (take 2)
5. Killing Is My Business...And Business is Good
6. Looking Down The Cross
7. Blood And Honor
8. These Boots
9. Next Victim
10. Skull Beneath The Skin (fades in)
11. Good Mourning...Black Friday (has fade in & out in the middle of the song)
12. Rattlehead
12. These Boots (1984-11-02 - San Francisco, CA, USA)