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Megadeth - Live in San Francisco, CA, USA, 1984

 Venue: The Stone: San Francisco, CA, USA
 Date: April 18, 1984
 Time: 57:41
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B+/A-, low-gen copy from master
 Notes: Let me tell you it was so hard to get myself together to finally, after almost six months of having this recording transferred to CD, come out with the description of this great show and piece of Megadeth history. There is a lot of confusion about the dates Megadeth did in April 1984. The recording of April 15 has been circulating for ages. It's now widely available on DVD. Unfortunately it's incomplete. Some time ago I got Palo Alto recording being April 16 and now finally we are talking about April 18, which is a true 18th and not the one that has also been circulating for ages but being the same April 15. Some fellow traders consider this to be April 20. But I gotta disagree. People refer to Dave who says "Today is Black Friday", but guys, he was saying that throughout the years introducing "Good Mourning-Black Friday" and if we listen to the April 15 recording, a guy from the club says: “…remind you can see Megadeth tomorrow night in Palo Alto and Wednesday night at the Stone in San Francisco.” So I’m sure it’s 18th.
There are now several sources of this (April 18) show floating around. But I’m sure mine is not there. I got this tape from a person I got some other early shows like TX ‘85. He was into trading back in the days, 1982-1988. He sent me the original tape he had! And considering that he got it in May 1984, this might be either first or second gen from master! There was one problem with that recording though. The speed was quite faster so I asked one of my buddies from the trading circles to transfer the tape and make the speed normal. Thank you very much, Chris!
The sound of the recording could be compared to the ones taped in 2006! The quality of what people tape with DATs and MDs nowadays is quite often way worse!! I mean it!! There are some flaws like a couple times the sound goes to one speaker only, but it’s so minor and can be repaired. One of the down things is a guy who is talking at the taper. He is not THAT annoying but still. There’s a little cut after “Bad Omen” due to tape flip. Now about the second source. I got it from a great guy Mark Shafer almost (OMG!) two years ago! He had this show labeled as 2/17/84, which was not true. He sent me the tape he had and I ripped it to CD. Now after comparing both sources I can surely state it is one and the same source just diff. generations. But Mark’s version is almost 5 minutes longer!! First of all, in the beginning of the recording it has a voice that announces: “Ladies and Gentleman, MEGADETH.” What else is out there, I think I need to go track by track I just don’t see where those minutes come from. As soon as I find out I’ll make a matrix of two sources to come up with the final one.
Now let’s talk about the show itself a little. Surely most of the songs differ from what you all know and here on the official CDs. E.g. “The Conjuring” is announced as “Conjur Me” and doesn’t have almost any lyrics. And of course it’s so interesting and entertaining to listen to what Dave is saying!! I’d give some example: after “SBTS” Dave utters “Do you guys know how much f'n shit we had to put up with at the Palo Alto Stone? Its good to be back with you San Franciscans........I'm telling you, never again down there, you guys are the only ones who deserve us!” After “LDTC”: “How many of you people ever loved something?...enough to kill it?...Well I frankly like to kill myself....This one is about a dead girlfriend.” Before Rattlehead: “I remember last time I was up here, my mom said if I didn’t stop shaking my head so much I'd rattle something loose up there.” Black Friday is dedicated to someone called Toby.
And one more fact about the show. According to a person who was at April 18, 1984 show, Megadeth played two bands with that night, with one being Steele.
I think that’s it. If you want this recording you better offer something that is as good and rare as this one.

 Disc 1: 1. Am I Evil Intro
2. Burnt Offerings (Set The World Afire)
3. Chosen Ones
4. Skull Beneath The Skin
5. Conjure Me (The Conjuring)
6. Looking Down The Cross
7. Loved To Deth
8. Next Victim (My Last Words)
9. Quicksand (Instrumental)
10. Bad Omen
11. Devil’s Island
12. Metallica riffage
13. Mechanix
14. Rattlehead / Dave’s Solo
15. Black Friday