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Megadeth - Live in San Francisco, CA, USA, 1984

 Venue: The Stone: San Francisco, CA, USA
 Date: February 19, 1984
 Time: 41:35
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B+, low-gen copy from master
 Notes: Second source. Thanks to John who found it. Unlike the other source I have this one is worse quality wise, however considering the rarity and that it was the second Megadeth show ever it is of interest to me. Anyways, it is strange but John got it from somehow in a very unusual form - it was a tape rip but the track order was all f**ked up, so I spent some time to bring it to the original order. Strange, especially since it was on tape like this. Looks like there were some guys who were sharing the recordings that way back in the day. Anyways, all songs have fades at the beginning and the end, however no music is missing, some of Dave's/crowd chanting are cut out incl. the well-known "K.H. sucks". Anyways, the taper seemed to stand closer to the speakers so the recording sounds a little less distant. Thanks a lot to John for this one!

 Disc 1: - 1812 Overture (Intro) - missing
- Hook In Mouth (Instrumental) - missing
- Burnt Offerings (Set The World Afire) - missing
1. Chosen Ones
2. Band Introduction / The Skull Beneath My Skin
3. Looking Down The Cross
4. Last Rites-Loved To Deth
5. Next Victim (My Last Words)
6. Quicksand (Instrumental) / Bad Omen
- Devil's Island - missing
7. Guitar Solo (Jump in the Fire Tease)/ Mechanix
8. Rattlehead