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Megadeth - Live in Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2010

 Venue: Hollywood Palladium: Los Angeles, CA, USA
 Date: March 31, 2010
 Time: 76:54/13:18
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: B/B+, AUD, copy from master
 Notes: Taper: captain04. Source: Sony MPC-62 mic -> Edirol R-09 -> Master wav -> DAK Wave Editor Pro -> TLH (fix SBE/FLAC(lvl8)).
Taper's comments: "One of the higher energy Megadeth shows I've been to as far as the crowd is concerned. This caused some issues on the recording with the crowd noise overcoming the band at times, especially Dave's vocals that unfortunately, as per normal, weren't exactly bumped as high in the mix as they could have been. Difficult to assign a rating as it does convey very well the atmosphere of what it was like being there in person. Having seen that the official release doesn't include the full set they played that night, nor does it present the show in its full running order, for those who want a rawer experience of the whole thing, here it is. Minor edits of distracting noise, then overall amplitude boost via DAK Wave Editor Pro."
The recording is nice but indeed has some audience interference. It's still strange to me why Dave released the show partially. Thanks a lot to the taper and John for this one!

 Disc 1: 01. Shut Up, Be Happy (Intro)
02. Skin Of My Teeth
03. In My Darkest Hour
04. She-Wolf
05. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
06. Hangar 18
07. Take No Prisoners
08. Five Magics
09. Poison Was The Cure
10. Lucretia
11. Tornado Of Souls
12. Dawn Patrol
13. Rust In Peace...Polaris
14. Trust
15. The Right To Go Insane
16. Headcrusher
17. Symphony Of Destruction
 Disc 2: Encore:
18. Encore Crowd
19. Peace Sells
20. The Punishment Due (reprise) / Band Introductions / Silent Scorn (Outro)
21. My Way (outro tape)