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Megadeth - Live in Tokyo, Japan, 2006 (Mass Destruction)

 Venue: Loud Park 06 Festival, Makuhari Messe Hall: Tokyo, Japan
 Date: October 14, 2006
 Time: 71:52
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: A/A-, IEM/SBD, copy from Jap silver CD [Loud Bark Rec. LBR-005]
 Notes: This is something unbelievable coming from the Japanese. This is the way this recording was done: Dave M. has his ear monitors, where he hears everything that the other guys are playing + what he plays. So the Japanese tapers intercept the signal that goes to the monitors and RECORD IT with DAT!! So it sounds like a soundboard recording with a little bit low-heard Glen's solo guitar and J Lo's bass! But as for the rest it's a really amazing!! It's especially great to hear just a shredding setlist in SBD quality! Thanx Chris for getting this jam to me!

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Blackmail the Universe
3. Set the World Afire
4. Wake Up Dead
5. Skin O'My Teeth
6. Tornade of Souls
7. She-Wolf
8. Take No Prisoners
9. Devil's Island
10. Symphony of Destruction
11. Hangar 18
12. Kick the Chair
13. Washington is Next
14. Peace Sells
15. Holy Wars
16. Silent Scorn (taped)