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Megadeth - Live in Milan, Italy, 2005

 Venue: Alcatrazz: Milan, Italy
 Date: February 21, 2005
 Time: 53:15/61:25
 Size: 2 CD

 Sound: B+, AUD, copy from master
 Notes: Taper: Karl R., Equipment: SONY MZ-N707 & SONY ECM-MS907 mic, remastered by me
After some normalize and other remastering the recording now sounds very good! The megaboyz played almost the usual set with some exceptions like Holy wars was medley-ed with Kick The Chair, which is a great thing to hear, as well as 'Mechanix' and 'Paranoid' as a second encore even after taped 'Silent Scorn' outro sounded! 'Peace sells' was medley-ed with 'Tornado of souls', which is also really unusual! The minor disadvantage is the talking around the taper, but it'ws very minor!
Huge thanxx goes to Karl for taking his time and effort to tape this show, thank you bro!

 Disc 1: 1. Blackmail The Universe
2. Set the World Afire
3. Skin O' My Teeth
4. The Scorpion
5. Wake Up Dead
6. In My Darkest Hour
7. Dave's Speech
8. Something I'm Not
9. Angry Again
10. Guitar Solo
11. A Tout Le Monde
12. Die Dead Enough
13. She-Wolf
14. Trust
 Disc 2: 1. Of Mice And Men
2. Hangar 18
3. Return to hangar
4. Back in the Day
5. Sweating bullets
6. Symphony of Destruction
7. Bass solo
8. Peace sells
9. Tornado of Souls
10. Peace sells (cont.)/Crowd noise
11. Band introduction/Holy wars
12. Kick the Chair
13. The Punishment Due
14. Silent scorn
Encore 2:
15. Mechanix/Paranoid
16. Outro