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Megadeth - Live in San Francisco, CA, USA, 2004

 Venue: Warfield: San Francisco, CA, USA
 Date: October 28, 2004
 Time: 57:30/49:11
 Size: 2 CD

 Sound: A/A+, AUD, 2 gen copy from master
Equpment: Sony MZ-R700 ->SoundProSP-SPSB-1 Battery Box -> SoundProSP-CMC-2 Cardiod mics
God! I wish all bootlegs sound like this! This is probably the best audience recording from the entire 2004-2005 USA-Europe tour so far. The taper did hellova job! And I remember people at the megadeth.com bb were complaining how bad the sound at the venue was. ehhhrrright! Listen to the recording and say it again! And just notice that the show was taped with Minidisk!! and not with DAT that everybody's trying to get nowdays assuming it'll make the recording awesome, hehehe... And a funny thing, should I not know this is an audience recording, I'd assume it's SBD or FM... The only drawback is that taper ran outta tape on Symphony so the track misses a small part of it.

 Disc 1: 1. 'Shut Up, Be Happy' Intro
2. Set the World Afire
3. Skin O' My Teeth
4. Wake up Dead
5. The Killing Road
6. In My Darkest Hour
7. Something That I'm Not
8. Train of Consequences
9. Angry Again
10. Reckoning Day
11. Die Dead Enough
12. Hangar 18
 Disc 2: 1. Kick the Chair
2. A Tout Le Monde
3. Tornado of Souls
4. Trust
5. Symphony of Destruction/Band Introduction
6. Sweating Bullets
7. Peace Sells
8. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due/Silent Scorn (taped)