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Live in Yokohama, Japan, 2001 (It's Coming Fast)

 Venue: Bay Hall, Yokohama, Japan
 Date: July 21, 2001
 Time: 55:06/51:51
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: A+ DAR
 Notes: Awesome japanese boot...Nothing More to say. Another "almost SBD" show. Extremely thankful to Christophe for making this boot a nice addition to my collection. Notice for ALL traders. The original owner of this boot rquested me to trade this bootleg ONLY against 2001 shows. So I must appologize but this is the requirement and please don't be offended. Once again - i will trade this for any 2001 boot I don't have OR as an option - for a Japanese 2000 show.

  Disc 1: 1. Intro (The Boys are back in town/Prince of Darkness)
2. Dread And The Fugitive Mind
3. Kill The King
4. Wake Up Dead
5. In My Darkest Hour
6. 1000 Times Goodbye
7. She-Wolf
8. Devil's Island
9. Angry Again
10. Promises
11. Hangar 18
12. Return To Hanger
  Disc 2: 1. Hook In Mouth
2. Moto Psycho
3. Mechanix
4. Tornado Of Souls
5. Sweating Bullets
6. Trust
7. Band Intro-Symphony Of Destruction
8. Peace Sells
9. Holy Wars/Silent Scorn (outro)