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Megadeth - Live in San Antonio, TX, USA, 2000

 Venue: Freeman Coliseum: San Antonio, TX, USA
 Date: July 12, 2000
 Time: 52:51
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: DVD -> CD rip, B+
 Notes: The sound came out great from DVD. Although some music is missing here (not much though, seems like She-Wolf is only song that is not here, but maybe the band skipped it, who knows!), this show was unsurfaced till mid 2006. Standard 2000 setlist.

 Disc 1: 1. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (cuts in, small part from the middle is missing)
2. In My Darkest Hour
3. Kill the King
4. Reckoning Day
5. Use the Man
6. Return To Hangar
7. A Tout Le Monde (cuts in, missing some seconds of Dave teasing audience with intro riff)
8. Trust
9. Sweating Bullets
10. Symphony Of Destruction
11. Peace Sells