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Type'O'Negative - live in Detroit, MI, USA, 2003

 Venue: State Theatre: Detroit, MI, USA
 Date: December 12, 2003
 Time: 52:54
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B/B+, copy from Master
 Notes: Equipment: SONY MZ NF810 / SONY ECM MS 907.
Good recording.
Here's what the taper says: "Stole the show from COF. 10 times better than fith and apprently this was an off night for them. I'd love to see them on a good night! The performance was awesome. You can tell Peter is totally in on this poser goth shit. Making jokes with crowd and taking shots @ the singer of COF. Seriously, the only people that wear make-up are clowns and women. They played most of the songs i like by them in their 60min set. The tour bus was 2 hours late getting into Detroit. I think that had something to do with the lenght of the set.....least i hope so.
I got sucked into the pit during "love you to death" and took a nasty hit. I ended up pulling the mic out of the jack. I went to the washroom to set my gear back up and the the washroom was closed! Security said there was a flood and there was nothing they could do for 10min. I marched upstairs to find out that the balcony was closed. I had the entire balcony to myself!!!! Security found me after about 20min and moved me back to the floor. For the amount of moving i did you wouldn't think the recording is any good. Considering all the chatting i did with security and getting stuck in the pit, the recording is decent and quite an intresting listen."

 Disc 1: 1.