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Kreator - Live in Moscow, Russia, 2010

 Venue: Tochka Club: Moscow, Russia
 Date: September 24, 2010
 Time: 72:57/19:45
 Size: 2 Cds

 Sound: AUD, B+, master
 Notes: Nice sounding recording of the German thrash veterans gig. A year has passed since their last visit to Moscow and this time the promoters chose right venue - it was sold out with a craziest moshpit I've ever witness in the venue and it even featured wall-of-death that amazed Mille! Anyways, since it was 25-years anniversary of the band, the setlist was more like a best-of one.

 Disc 1: 1. Choir Of The Damned
2. The Pestilence
3. Hordes Of Chaos
4. Phobia
5. Mille / Enemy Of God
6. Impossible Brutality
7. Mille / Endless Pain
8. Pleasure To Kill
9. Terrible Certainty
10. Extreme Aggression
11. Coma Of Souls
12. Amok Run
13. The Patriarch
14. Violent Revolution
15. Demon Prince
 Disc 2: Encore:
1. When The Sun Burns Red
2. Mille / Flag Of Hate
3. Tormentor
4. Outro

 Точка, Москва, 24 сентября 2010 г.