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Coroner - Live in Buffalo, NY, USA, 1989

 Venue: The Skyroom: Buffalo, NY, USA
 Date: October 25, 1989
 Time: 33:54
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, C
 Notes: Taper: pattison2, Lineage: microcassette recorder > cassette (Sony TC-WE825S tape deck) > wav (lp recorder; Conexant High Definition Audio Sound Card ) > flac level 8 (tlh) > CDR.
Taper's comments: "Pretty poor sound, only for diehards. I am posting this only because of a request for it. Guitars sound ok, but vocals are buried. Short set as they were opening for Kreator." Sadly the recording is indeed quite bad, but still great for Coroner hardcore bootcollectors. The flyer of the show also states that Cannibal Corpse were opening for Coroner/Kreator!

 Disc 1: 1. Shadow of a Lost Dream
2. Absorbed
3. Masked Jackal
4. No Need To Be Human
5. Sudden Fall
6. Voyage To Eternity
7. Reborn Through Hate
8. Purple Haze