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Dimmu Borgir - Live in Moscow, Russia, 2003

 Venue: Gorbunova House of Culure: Moscow, Russia
 Date: November 1, 2003
 Time: 79:46
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: A-, AUD, Master
 Notes: Damn i'm saddened cause i f**ed up first two songs & intro due to my absentmindness. I plugged the mic into a wrong slot. But i realized i was wrong right before the third song. As for the recording it's really cool. Last show of the European tour leg, but as you see nothing extra was played setlist-wise.

 Disc 1: - Intro(missing)
- Lepers Amongst Us(missing)
- In Deaths Embrace (missing)
4. Cataclysm Children
5. Vredesbyrd
6. Kings of Carnival Creation
7. Unorthodox Manifesto
8. Progenies of the Great Apocalypse
9. Indoctrination
10. The Blazing Monoliths of Defiance
11. The Insight and the Catharsis
12. Spellbound (By The Devil)
13. Raabjorn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde
14. Stormblast
15. Mourning Palace
16. Perfection Or Vanity (Outro)

ДК Горбунова, Москва, 1 ноября 2003 г.