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Amorphis - Live in Moscow, Russia, 2010

 Venue: PiPl Club: Moscow, Russia
 Date: October 1, 2010
 Time: 48:03/36:05
 Size: 2 Cds

 Sound: AUD, B+, master
 Notes: This was 5th time for Amorphis to perform in Moscow, and third time for me to see the band live. The sound check was really promising sound-wise and I stood close to the stage in the dead center but when the band hit the stage the vocalls were barely heard. I decided not to move much and the soundtech raised the vocals/made the sound better as the setlist progressed but still it was not that good to my ears cause the singer of the opening Russian band sounded better. Anyways, great gig and a very good setlist comprising all the best the band put out throughout the years with even some tracks from the very early LPs. The recording came out really nice, could've been better for sure. @1:56 in Against Widows I had some problems with the recorder so it clipped the sound for a couple of seconds. Enjoy!

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Silver Bride
3. The Smoke
4. Majestic Beast
5. Against Widows
6. The Castaway
7. Silent Waters
8. From The Heaven Of My Heart
9. Song Of The Troubled One
10. Exile Of The Sons Of Uisliu
11. Sky Is Mine
 Disc 2: 1. Alone
2. Skyforger
3. Black Winter Day
4. Thousand Lakes
5. Into Hiding
6. House Of Sleep
7. My Kantele
8. Outro

 Клуб PiPL, Москва, 1 октября 2010 г.