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Metallica DVD - Fan Can 1

 Venue: USA
 Date: 1996
 Time: ~ 46:00

 Format: 1 DVD
 System: PAL

 Quality: Video: 10 / Audio: 10

 Tracklist: - Jamming in the studio with the whole band
- Jaymz and Lars get together in the Dungeon
- Jaymz and Lars record Low Man's Lyric
- "Real Stories of the Hetfield Patrol"
- Band eats at Lar's house and f*cks around
- Some live footage from Donnington 95
- Kirk plays guitar with some contest winners
- one of those contest winners gets pierced with Kirk watching
- Contest winners play with Metallica in the studio
- Contest winners go biking with Jason
- Some more miscellaneous studio footage
- Diamondhead playing with Metallica
- So what! with Animal from Anti-Nowhere League