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Megadeth DVD - Live in San Diego, CA, USA, 1990 (From The Vault, Part IX)

 Venue: San Diego, CA, USA
 Date: November 10, 1990
 Time: ~

 Format: DVD

 Quality: Video: 10- / Audio: 10-

 Tracklist: - Talking to Marty on the bus
- Dave E. gets on the bus
- Dave M. gets on the bus
- The band ripping on a Metallica, GNR & Skid Row show from the night before
- Nick gets on the bus, bus in wrote to the next venue Dave M. sporting some cute boxers and a Bart Simpson night shirt
- Driving by Hollywood, passing Capitol Records
- Footage of the marquee sign in front of the arena
- The bus pulling into the arena and the band heading inside
- Back stage footage
- Fans outside
- Heading back to the dressing room
- Dressing room footage
- Footage of the empty arena
- Back into the dressing room
- On the way to a photo shoot back stage
- Photo shoot number 1
- Screwing around back stage
- Photo shoot number 2
- Dave M. wondering around back stage
- Dave M. Marty & Nick outside with fans singing autographs
- Back in the empty arena
- Dave M. & Marty doing a radio interview
- Dave E. playing "Dawn Patrol" in the dressing room
- Dave E & Marty pre-show jamming "Five Magics" etc.
- Fans on the main floor before the band goes on
- Intro music (barricade)
- "Wake Up Dead" (barricade)
- "Hook In Mouth" (barricade)
- "Hanger 18" (barricade)
- "The Conjuring" (barricade)
- "In My Darkest Hour" (barricade)
- "Take No Prisoners" (barricade)
- "Holy Wars" (barricade)
- "Peace sells...But Whose Buying?" (barricade)
- "Anarchy in the UK" (barricade)
- Dave M. Talking to a few people in the loading arena