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Megadeth DVD - Live in London, England, 1990 (Part II, From The Vault, Part VII)

 Venue: Wembley Arena: London, England
 Date: October 14, 1990
 Time: ~

 Format: DVD

 Quality: Video: 10- / Audio: 10-

 Tracklist: - Dave and Dave receiving platinum albums for So Far, So Good.... So What / Band photo shoot
- Hanging out with people in the dressing room (Rocky George of Suicidal Tendencies and other)
- Dave M. with Sean Harris, singer of Diamond Head
- On the Plane back to America
- A visit with Marty
- Back with the rest of the band
- Marty walking around on the plane
- Looking out the window above America
- Screwing around
- Dave M. ripping on Junior's bubble gum rock tapes
- More screwing around
- Getting ready to de-board the plane in Los Angeles
- Heading into the terminal at LAX
- Dave M. in the hotel lobby
- Dave in car heading to MTV / Headbangers Ball Europe
- Dave still in the car checking out the sights / picking his nose
- Dave in the MTV lobby
- Dave with the HBB host / director discussing what to say in the promos
- Dave talking smack about the host / director
- Dave heading down stairs to the HBB set & a quick read through of promos #1
- The recording of promo #1
- AD lidding promo #2 about the Clash of the Titians tour take 1
- AD lidding promo #2 about the Clash of the Titians tour take 2
- Dave doing the read through for promo #3
- Promo #3
- Dave gets offered a snack
- Promo #4
- Dave walking down the street
- Arriving at the office of RAW magazine
- Dave being interviewed
- Interview Questions