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Slayer - Live in London, England, 1985

 Venue: Marquee: London, England
 Date: June 24, 1985
 Time: 78:10
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B
 Notes: This is a historical first-ever Slayer show in UK. First nine tracks of the recording is the soundcheck, where the boys rehearse some really weird stuff, especially it concerns what Tom's singin'. Hissy, but still nice recording! Tom is very talkative! Thanx Petri for this!!

 Disc 1: 1 - 9. Soundcheck
10. Intro
11. Hell Awaits
12. Aggressive Perfector
13. Kill Again
14. Metalstorm (Face the Slayer)
15. The Final Command
16. Captor Of Sin
17. Fight Till Death
18. Necrophiliac
19. Haunting The Chapel
20. Black Magic
21. Die By The Sword (cut/tape flip)
22. At Dawn They Sleep
23. Show No Mercy
24. Crowd noise/Clear the stage!
25. Chemical Warfare