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Paradise Lost - Live in Paris, France, 2011

 Venue: Le Bataclan: Paris, France
 Date: April 3, 2011
 Time: 66:51/29:50
 Size: 2 Cds

 Sound: AUD, B+/A-, copy from master
 Notes: Taper: Barghest, Equipment: SP-CMC-8 -> SP-SPSB-11 [Bass Roll Off] -> Edirol R-09HR -> WAV [44kHZ/16 bit].
A good friend of mine went specifically to tape that gig and however it was postponed he withstood the difficulties and managed to provide us all with this very nice recording and so far the only one from that mini tour to support the reissue of Draconian Times. Truely great setlist. The tape was made from the VIP balcony across the stage hence there are no talkers, however the sound is slightly distant. Anyways, if you like PL this is a must-have unless the band releases one of these gigs officially.

 Disc 1: Soundcheck for VIP ticket-holders:
1. No Celebration
2. Sweetness
The gig:
3. Enchantment
4. Hallowed Land
5. The Last Time
6. Forever Failure
7. Once Solemn
8. Shadowkings
9. Elusive Cure
10. Yearn For Change
11. Shades Of God
12. Hands Of Reason
13. I See Your Face
14. Jaded
 Disc 2: Encore:
1. Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
2. True Belief
3. One Second
4. Say Just Words
Encore 2:
5. The Rise Of Denial
6. As I Die