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Xentrix - Live in Bridgwater, England, 1993

 Venue: Arts Centre: Bridgwater, England
 Date: October 23, 1993
 Time: 70:30
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B+, 2 gen. copy from master
 Notes: This is a recording I never expected to have!! The reason is that this great thrash metal band was soooo rarely taped, and all boots I have are from 1990 tour they did with Annihilator. I adore Xentrix and to get a recording from 1993 is like a pleasure you can never dream of. The quality is not the utmost best – a bit distant but still very nice considering the rarity of this recording!
Damn I don’t really know what to start here with. This is a show of the last ever tour Xentrix did. The second track I have never heard before, and it seems like it was reworked and renamed to later appear on “Scourge” release of course not with Chris in the band, but as many other tracks from this show. Ok. “Silence” track appeared on the last ever release with Chris on vox – the 1994 demo. Almost half of the songs are from “Kin” CD. Plus we have here both songs from “Dilute to Taste” release. OMG what a setlist!! I’m speechless. The crowd welcomes the band very cheerfully. People shout wanting “Ghostbusters” but Chris says they won’t play it ‘cause they are tired of it. Chris introduces the last song as “This is a song about a person who is a deep-shit and an asshole!” and someone from the crowd shouts out “John Major!” :)
Enormous and sincerest “Thank you!” to Patrick for finding this show for me!!

 Disc 1: 1. Terminator II Intro
2. Hear Me
3. Silence
4. Pure Thought
5. A Friend to You
6. Waiting
7. For Whose Advantage?
8. Shadows of Doubt
9. Balance of Power
10. All Bleed Red
11. Come Tomorrow/Crowd Encore Chanting/Chris & Audience
12. See Through You
13. Never Be/Chris thanx words
14. The Hand That Feeds Itself