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Xentrix - Live in Preston, England, 2006

 Venue: The Bitter Suite: Preston, England
 Date: February 25, 2006
 Time: 65:36
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B/B+, 2 gen. copy from master
 Notes: This is the audience source of the first reunion show of the legendary UK thrashers Xentrix. I also have soundboard source of this show. Well, what can be said here. This was not entire reuniting event. The boyz haven't performed together for about 6 years and decided to get together and play a couple of shows because of the Macka's birthday. As they say. We'll see, hopefully, they'll release something. The recording is quite bassy and slightly distant but still it's nice if you want to have a full picture of what happened that night @ The Bitter Suite, if compared to the SBD source. The boyz present great setlist with tracks from all abums and it's evident they enjoyed what they were doing. And of course crowd would never let them go without performing the notorious cover of 'Ghostbusters'. Presenting 'Reasons For Destruction' Chris says that this 15y.o. song needs some 2006 feeling to be added to it. If i'm not mistaken this song was really rarely performed back in the day. Lots of thanxx to Darren!

 Disc 1: 1. Terminator II Intro
2. Black Embrace
3. Balance Of Power
4. Questions
5. Waiting
6. Dark Enemy
7. For Whose Advantage?
8. Reasons For Destruction
9. Shadows Of Doubt
10. Crimes
11. Crowd / Happy Birthday Macka / Ghostbusters
12. No Compromise
13. Outro