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Pearl Jam - Live in New York, NY, USA, 1992

 Venue: Kaufman Astoria (MTV Unplugged): New York, NY, USA
 Date: March 16, 1992
 Time: 44:29/53:46
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: SBD, A+
 Notes: Source: dSBD > DAT > dEDIT (level adjustment only) > mkwACT > .shn > CDR.
As taken from one of the websites: "Back on March 16, 1992, Pearl Jam tapped an episode of MTV Unplugged. The acoustic renditions of Alive, Even flow, State of Love and Trust and Rocking in the Free World are surprisingly interesting. But, their versions of Black and Porch are classic. Many of us probably remember seeing Eddie spinning on top of his chair and writing “Pro Choice” down his arm during this version Porch.
The biggest question many fans have: why wasn't this released? I guess in retrospect we think this show was bigger than it was. At the time it was probably only known to Pearl Jam's fan base, which was smaller than what it would become.
Also, the early days of Unplugged were used for young artists to gain exposure and older artists to spark a come back. Basically, it just wasn't financially responsible to release every show, let alone a show with an up and coming band. Let's look at it this way: MTV has filmed over 100 unplugged performances and not even 30 of them have been released. While many of us wish that a cd/dvd of Pearl Jam - MTV Unplugged will come out, it probably won't. But, don't worry my friends, that's why we have the internet." Amazing and must-have type of recording!

 Disc 1: Soundcheck:
1. Oceans
2. Tuning Up
3. State of Love & Trust
4. Alive
5. Black
6. More Tuning
7. Jeremy
8. Still More Tuning
9. Porch
10. Finishing Up
 Disc 2: Show:
1. Intro
2. Oceans
3. State of Love & Trust
4. Alive
5. Black
6. Angie (Rolling Stones cover) / Improvisation
7. Jeremy
8. Porch
9. Even Flow
10. Rockin' in the Free World