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Pain - Live at Inferno Festival, Norway 2001

 Venue: Inferno Festival, Oslo, Norway
 Date: April 14, 2002
 Time: 26:15
 Size: 36.1 Mb

 Sound: FM A
 Notes: I've wondered how Pain sounds live. Taken from Norways inferno festival this gig was aired live on april 14th on Norways P3 radio station. The gig includes a great *cough* cover of the Beatles track "Eleanor Rigby". Dunno if the show is complete cause the Pete talks Swedish (Norwegian??) only..so..seems like it is complete.

 Disc 1: 1. Crashed [04:04]
2. Dark Fields Of Pain [05:03]
3. Breathe [03:56]
4. On And On [04:28]
5. End Of The Line [04:38]
6. Eleanor Rigby [04:06]