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The Organization - Home Job Demo, 1992

 Venue: USA
 Date: 1992
 Time: 18:22
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: SBD, A
 Notes: Info from Wikipedia: "In the summer of 1991, with Galeon fully recovered, Death Angel's remaining members changed the band's name to The Organization (the title of a song on Act III), with Cavestany taking over lead vocal duties. The band continued their exploration into new sounds, focusing less on traditional metal, and more on funk and alt rock. The Organization toured extensively throughout the US and Europe, including two appearances at the Netherlands's Dynamo Open Air Festival, a support slot on Rob Halford's "Fight" tour and as the main support act for Motorhead in Europe. Unfortunately, both 1993's The Organization and 1995's Savor the Flavor (Metal Blade Records) failed to make waves with the record buying public, and after bassist Dennis Pepa left in 1995, the band called it quits."
This seems to be the demo they did in the first place.

 Disc 1: 1. Bottom Dog
2. Been Nice Knowing You
3. Bringer of Bad Vibes
4. 20 Years