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Opeth - Live in Moscow, Russia, 2012

 Venue: Milk Club: Moscow, Russia
 Date: February 22, 2012
 Time: 58:57/55:03
 Size: 2 CDs

 Sound: A, Aud, master
 Notes: Almost exactly three years after the first visit to Moscow the Sweds present their new album with much smoother setlist. I was struggling heavy jetlag and it was very hard not to fall asleep during the 3/4 of the show. Mikael was joking a lot inbetween songs, as always. Suprisingly the sound in the club is really good and it can be heard from the recording. Enjoy!

 Disc 1: 1. Through Pain to Heaven Intro
2. The Devil's Orchard
3. I Feel the Dark
4. Face of Melinda
5. Slither
6. Credence
7. To Rid the Disease
8. Folklore
 Disc 2: 1. Heir Apparent
2. The Grand Conjuration
3. The Drapery Falls
4. Band Introduction
5. Deliverance