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Obituary - Live in Pinellas Park, Florida, 2004

 Venue: Sun'n'Steel Metalfest, Pinellas Park Expo Center: Pinellas Park, Florida
 Date: March 7, 2004
 Time: 43:33
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B/B+
 Notes: First show in 7 years! Re-united death-metallers are back.
I got this show dated as March 06, 2004 but the official Obituary site says it was 7th. Never mind. Very cool set, the sound is also nice a bit distorted some times but..

 Disc 1: 1. Download
2. Chopped In Half
3. Turned Inside Out
4. Threatening Skies/By The Light
5. Dying (?)
6. Dying (cont.)
7. Cause Of Death
8. Till Death
9. Till Death (cont.)/???
10. ??? (the 9th song continues) 11. Final Thoughts
12. Slowly We Rot
13. Slowly We Rot (cont.)