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Coroner - Live in Bruay-La-Buissiere, France, 1990

 Venue: The Bruay Area Festival, Salle Des Fetes: Bruay-La-Buissiere, France
 Date: March 10, 1990
 Time: 65:14
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD, B+
 Notes: Tape provided by smores (thanx!), transfered and mastered by scabbyman (November 2013 / March 2014). Lineage: unknown gen tape (TDK D90 Type I cassette) > TEAC V-8030S > TERRATEC DMX6FIREUSB > HD > Soundforge 9.0 (normalization, track splitting, fade out) > TLH (FLAC 8 encoded on sector boundaries) > foobar2000 (tagging) > TLH (ffp & md5).
Other band on the bill: Death Power, Loudblast, Tankard, Watchtower. The band stops somewhere in the middle of "Reborn Through Hate". The recording surfaced only in late 2013 when I suprisingly saw it in Smores' list. The audio became available thanks to Dani in March 2014. The recording sound really great for a festival one. Close sounding, almost no obstructions from crowd. It's a great addition for collection but since the official "Live in Berlin" was recorded just 7 days prior to that with the same setlist, and if you are not a collector, i'll advise you to get the official one. Enormous thanks to everyone involved in bringing this tape to life!

 Disc 1: 1. Die By My Hand (cuts at the very end
2. Absorbed
3. No Need To Be Human
4. D.O.A.
5. Masked Jackal
6. Sudden Fall
7. Mistress Of Deception
8. The New Breed
9. Shadow Of A Lost Dream
10. Reborn Through Hate (first attempt - aborted)
11. Read My Scars
12. Reborn Through Hate
13. Instrumental
14. Encore break
15. Purple Haze [Jimmy Hendrix-cover]
16. Totentanz