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Heaven & Hell - Live in Moscow, Russia, 2009

 Venue: B1 Maximum Club: Moscow, Russia
 Date: May 31, 2009
 Time: 55:56/38:35
 Size: 2 Cds

 Sound: AUD, B+/A-, master
 Notes: The second show in a row in Moscow with the same setlist, although Dio states they would alter the set a little, as far as I know it remained the same. The sound was way too loud that night, so you can hear some distorted moments here and there. Amazing performance by Dio as always. And it was surely great to finally see Iommi and the rest of the legendary band on stage. Finally, I have not taped the first night, nor I know people who did. Sorry.

 Disc 1: 1. E5150
2. Mob Rules
3. Children of the Sea
4. I
5. Bible Black
6. Time Machine
7. Drum Solo
8. Fear
9. Falling off the Edge of the World
10. Follow the Tears
 Disc 2: 11. Guitar Solo / Die Young
12. Heaven & Hell
14. Country Girl/Neon Knights

 Б1 Максимум, Москва, 31 мая 2009 г.