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Depeche Mode - Live in Amsterdam, Holland, 1983 (New Life Too)

 Venue: The Paradiso: Amsterdam, Holland
 Date: December 12, 1983
 Time: 50:00
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: A/A+, SBD/FM
 Notes: Comments from the guy who shared this recording: "This is the more complete version of the Amsterdam '83 FM! The more commonly version of this, lacking 2 songs, called "New Life", has been in trading circles for ages. This version, which is called "New Life Too" is as complete as this show is likely to get. If you were to grab only one show from the CTA era, I'd probably recommend this one, along with Milan '84 ("Hysterika"), and London '83 FM ("Beautiful Boys"). I really love the CTA setlist, too bad most all of these songs were dropped by the 1986 Black Celebration Tour. This tour was also the first one (iirc) that Martin had sung a song, this one being Pipeline. I did have to do some "cleaning" to this one. When extracting the files in EAC, there were some pops, which I think I omitted nearly all of. Also, I did do a slight hiss reduction, for clarity. This is not any sort of remaster attempt, just a quick "polish". Track 09, More Than A Party, had a few second gap at about :44, so I spliced it back together, which you should hear after Dave says "It isn't a party, it's a whole lot more". Unfortunately this created an SBE where I spliced, but the noise is hardly noticeable and I wasn't sure how to fix that problem. Sorry. This is a complete broadcast, at least that is what I was told. This is the real setlist for this show: Everything Counts/NOW THIS IS FUN/TWO MINUTE WARNING/SHAME/see you/get the balance right!/love, in itself/pipeline/THE LANDSCAPE IS CHANGING/AND THEN.../photographic/told you sonew life/more than a party/the meaning of love/just can't get enough/BOYS SAY GO!"

 Disc 1: 1. Announcer/Everything Counts
2. See You
3. Get The Balance Right!
4. Love, In Itself
5. Pipeline
6. Photographic
7. Told You So
8. New Life
9. More Than A Party
10. The Meaning Of Love
11. Just Can't Get Enough/Announcer