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Death Live in Germany 1990 (The Final Gigs)

 Venue: Exact Location Unknown, Germany
 Date: December 1990
 Time: 39:18
 Size: 54.1 Mb

 Sound: AUD B/B-
 Notes: This bootleg, the show, the tour has a special history. The 1990 US Death tour ended in the Country Club in Reseda, California on October 5, 1990 which was the last date Gonzales did with the band (Gonzales was later seen in RISE) and DEATH played the last few shows as a trio. The European tour was only two weeks away and Chuck decided to cancel it for personal reasons. Andrews and Butler decided to do it no matter what, they took on Walter Trachsler (soundman on the preceding US DEATH tour and ex - Texas ROTTING CORPSE member) as guitarist and Louie Carrisalez (ex-ROTTING CORPSE, DEVASTATION) as vocalist and played under the name of DEATH for the long European tour where they supported KREATOR. The members of the line-up even went as far as calling this band A.B.C.T. Project, see why?! This tour lasted until December 1990 and was neither a fiasco nor a success for this "band" (check out the bootleg vinyl "The Final Gigs"). So in the boot you can hear them asking the audience to call out "Fuck Chuck" :(

 Disc 1: 1. Intro
2. Mutilation
3. Left to die
4. Zombie Ritual
5. Denial of Life
6. Pull the Plug
7. Infernal Death
8. Crowd + "Fuck" statements about Chuck
9. Open Casket