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Death - 'Aborted First Scream Bloody Gore Studio Sessions', 1987

 Venue: Florida, USA
 Date: 1987
 Time: 27:05
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: SBD, A+
 Notes: Lineage : Tape (Unknown Generation) -> Plus Deck 2 -> Adobe Audition 1.5 -> Wav -> CD Wave Editor -> Flac -> CDR.
Comments from the guy who was so great to release this recording: 'I guess it's about time I share this Death gem with you! As you probably know, Death signed with Combat Records in the spring of 1986 after their Mutilation demo. In July of that year Chuck Shuldiner and Chris Reifert entered a Florida recording studio to start work on what would become the classic Scream Bloody Gore album. However, the duo got into various technical problems and the sessions didn't go past the initial basic tracks and the whole project was moved over to Hollywood's Music Grinder studios. The result of those sessions with Randy Burns we all know, but what about these aborted first sessions in Florida? If you haven't heard these sessions before you sure are in for a treat! Keep in mind that these are all basic (rhythm) tracks - there are no vocals or overdubbs such as guitar solos etc. Surprisingly the Mantas/Death demo classic Legion Of Doom was recorded during these sessions - this particular song never made it to Hollywood. Also, Sacrificial Cunt was later shortened to just Sacrificial. This recording has the same raw and primitve feel as the earlier Death demos. As far as I know this recording has never been bootlegged which is very surprising to say the least considering all the Death bootlegs that exist!'

 Disc 1: 1. Torn To Pieces
2. Legion Of Doom
3. Scream Bloody Gore
4. Sacrificial Cunt
5. Mutilation
6. Land Of No Return
7. Baptized In Blood