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Dark Tranquility - Live in Rotterdam, Holland, 1995

 Venue: Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland
 Date: December 2, 1995
 Time: 34:47
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: A/A-, SBD
 Notes: A soundboard recording from Gallery album era!! The album was about to see the release in 2-3 week. Rare item! hanxx to Alejandro for this gem! The sound is great but according with the limitations of the equipment used during these days, the show was short probably as opening act for someone else (at least one band is mentioned to play next - Six Feet Under), but it's great enough to have it, in fact is a must have for all DT fans! Mikael had just become a member of DT and it's really cool to hear his first shows as DT singer and the way he sings stuff from early albums! Some minor static probably sometimes.

 Disc 1: 1. Punish My Heaven
2. With Flaming Shades Of Fall
3. The Dividing Line
4. A Bolt Of Blazing Gold
5. Eden Spring
6. Lethe
7. Of Chaos And Eternal Night