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Dark Tranquility - Trail Of Life Decayed Demo, 1991

 Venue: Gothenburg, Sweden
 Date: 1991
 Time: 18:31
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: A+, SBD
 Notes: Lineage : Original Demo Tapes -> Plus Deck 2 -> Wav -> CD Wave Editor -> Flac -> CD.
This is the first recording the boyz did under Dark Tranquility moniker. In 1990 there was a demo they did as Septic Broiler. I don't kno wwhy they changed the name to DT but it's history now. Great quality sourced from the original tapes received directly from Anders! A must-have for any collector. I also have scans of the original artwork. The line-up: Anders Friden Vocals, Niklas Sundin Guitar, Mikael Stanne Guitar, Martin Henriksson Bass, Anders Jivarp - Drums.

 Disc 1: 1. Midwinter (Intro) / Beyond Enlightenment
2. Vernal Awakening
3. Void Of Tranquillity