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Cannibal Corpse live in Wacken 2002

 Venue: W.O.A. Festival, Wacken, Germany
 Date: August 3, 2002
 Time: 51:52
 Size: 1 CD

 Sound: AUD B/B+
 Notes: Cannibal Corpse were and will always be Cannibal Corpse. Brutalizmo in its perfection! Good meat show. A bit muddy sound and seems to be the major drawback of all Wacken show (open-air fest ...:shrug:)

 Disc 1: 1. ???
2. Compelled to lacerate
3. Disposal of the 'Fuckin' Body
4. Pit of Zombies
5. Fucked with a Knife
6. Sentenced to Burn
7. I will kill you
8. The dormant bodies
9. Unleashing the bloodthirsty
10. The Pickaxe murders
11. The Spine Splitter
12. Perverse Suffering
13. Staring through the eyes of the Dead
14. Stripped, raped and strangled