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Bruce Dickinson, Rare and Live Recordings

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 Disc 1: Perfect Strangers
Smoke On The Water
Tears Of The Dragon 112 kbps
Tears of the Dragon (orchestra)
The Breeding House
The Ghost Of Cain
The Real World
The Zoo (80 kbit)
Winds Of Change
Star Children (demo) (56 kbit)
Taking The Queen (demo) (56 kbit)
Elvis Has Left The Building
Black Widow
Darkness Be My Friend
Delilah (live)
Man Of Sorrows (Orchestral) 56kBit
No Way Out ... Continued
No Way Out ... To Be Continued
Over And Out
Sin City (live) AC/DC's cover

Inertia (live and acoustic)
Tower (live 23.04.99 Trumpets Of Curitiba)
Accident Of Birth (demo) (56kbit)
All In Your Mind

Dio concert in Belgium - Bruce & Nicko jammed with Dio

Bruce and Dio - Man On The Silver Mountain
Bruce and Dio - Rainbow In The Dark